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Maurice Schweitzer

research interests: behavioral decision research, deception and trust, emotions, negotiations


The mission of the Operations and Information Management Department is to improve the quality and productivity of enterprises by educating highly capable professionals and by discovering, developing, and validating new principles, theory, and methods. Our common approach to education and research is to blend rigor and relevance. We believe in science-based management and our work is built around models. However, we seek to reconcile theory and data, and to influence practice. We are a group of individuals with diverse interests and training; indeed our diversity is central to the intellectual vitality of our community. Nevertheless, several themes characterize the questions of primary concern to most members of the department.


  • How can organizations create high-quality and efficient service delivery operations?
  • How can individuals and organizations innovate more effectively?
  • How can we improve negotiation and decision-making processes and outcomes?
  • How do behavioral phenomena, incentives, and communication affect the quality and efficiency of service operations?
  • How is and should work be done?
  • How do individuals and groups make choices under risk and uncertainty and how can we improve their performance?
  • How do changes in information endowment change the behavior of consumers, the strategy of firms, and regulatory policy?
  • How can we learn and derive value from large scale databases for business intelligence?
  • How can an investor better understand and influence a firm's operations?
  • How can the delivery of health care be improved in efficiency and quality?
  • How should Internet-based technologies and services be designed?
  • How do heuristics and cognitive biases impact individual behavior and economic markets?
  • How can supply chains be managed to provide the right products at the right time and place for least cost?