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Photo of Monique Guignard-Spielberg

Monique Guignard-Spielberg

research interests: graph theory and network flows, mathematical programming, particularly integer programming (esp. lagrangean relaxation and decomposition, linearization methods for integer nonlinear problems, stochastic integer programming), nonlinear programming (in particular optimality conditions and linearization methods), optimization of natural resources, such as timber., production planning and scheduling


OPIM faculty place high priority on research and this is evident from the set of working papers and publications over the past five years. Much of the research in the department represents a blend of theory and application with increased emphasis on using actual problems as motivating forces. Research Centers with leadership form OPIM faculty have undertaken interdisciplinary research projects that involve students and faculty from other departments and Penn. For information on principal research activities by faculty and details on research publications see our working papers database. For information about research center participation, see Fishman Davidson Center for Service and Operations Management and the Risk Management and Decision Processes Center.